Bob Moriarty | I’m Stacking Silver!

Bob Moriarty | I’m Stacking Silver!

Proven and Probable, Released on 5/16/20 In this interview, Bob Moriarty of 321gold sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss a number of important topics ranging from hospital cost incentives regarding the COVID-19, and the how the economy is going to be impacted by the virus. We will then shift our […]

Chris Martenson: Coronavirus Containment Has Failed

Peak Prosperity, Released on 2/26/20 To Watch Update #32, CLICK HERE Within and without China, the coronavirus continues to rage on. A leaked report claims that actual covid-19 cases within China are 52x higher than the 78K reported by authorities. Whether true or not, that estimate comports with the massive heavy-handed response the government has […]

Chris Martenson: Time To Prepare For Coronavirus Is Running Out

Peak Prosperity, Released on 2/24/20 To Watch Update #30, CLICK HERE OK…despite more worldwide infections than ever, the WHO has decided to stop using the (technically very accurate) term “pandemic” to describe covid-19, presumably because they don’t want to scare folks. The CDC is claiming that the US is not seeing “community level” spreading of […]

Chris Martenson: The Coronavirus Is Swiftly Breaching Defenses Across The World

Peak Prosperity, Released on 2/23/20 To Watch Update #29, CLICK HERE  Things are now starting to get fast and furious. Outside of China, covid-19 is swiftly breaching defense lines all over the world. Italy is suddenly in big trouble — with the military being called in to enforce city quarantines. Iran, South Korea & […]

Video: Communist Goon Squads Threaten Chinese Citizens, Order Them Not to Spread Information about Coronavirus on Internet

The Epoch Times, Released on 2/21/20 Police: No individual is allowed to spread information on the internet about the contagion if the information has not been approved by the authorities. Woman inside: Which agency are you referring to when you say “authorities”? Police: Go check the public notices. You are not allowed to spread any […]

Chris Martenson: Coronavirus Cases Doubling Overnight In Many Countries

Peak Prosperity, Released on 2/22/20 To Watch Update #28, CLICK HERE Boy this is not good… Covid-19 cases are leaping higher in disparate countries around the globe — doubling overnight in South Korea, Italy and Iran. New research continues to clarifying how *extremely* contagious this virus is (as the rash of worldwide infections confirms). It […]

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