The Social Upheaval Caused By The Coronavirus Is A Symptom Of The ‘Fourth Turning’

Peak Prosperity, Released on 2/20/20

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The public’s trust in the authorities running our system is suffering as a result of officials’ ham-fisted tactics. Good information is increasingly hard to come by as world governments suppress any and all non-official sources. And much of the official ‘data’ being released appears untrustworthy. In many cases, it seems too benign for the massive and draconian efforts governments are taking around the world. The media, too, appears complicit. It’s neither asking the tough questions or providing the useful information the public is hungry for right now.

Ditto for the financial markets, which are doing their damndest to act as if the growing covid-19 pandemic is a non-event.

Such breaking of trust is what researcher Neil Howe warned of in his excellent work ‘The Fourth Turning’, predicting a period of profound loss of faith in public institutions.While there are many contributing factors — massive world debt, huge wealth disparity, planetary resource depletion — the social angst being stirred up by the coronavirus is a classic symptom of a Fourth Turning.
Expect an even bumpier road ahead…

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Christopher Martenson is a former American biochemical scientist. Currently he is a writer and trend forecaster interested in macro trends regarding the economy, energy composition and environment. He is the founder of As one of the early econobloggers who forecasted the housing market collapse and stock market correction years in advance, Chris rose to prominence with the launch of his seminal video seminar which later became a book called The Crash Course. Chris’ latest book (co-authored with Adam Taggart) is called Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting.

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