When Price Suppression Ends, Silver Will Rise By ‘Many Orders of Magnitude’: Ed Steer

Commodity Culture, Released on 6/27/24

Ed Steer sees a light at the end of the silver price suppression tunnel, as he notices it’s getting more and more difficult for bullion banks and others involved in manipulating the market to keep from being overrun. With geopolitical turmoil, global conflict, and unsustainable debt all on the rise, Ed believes that precious metals in your possession will provide shelter from the coming storm.

00:00 Introduction
01:26 COMEX Futures Market
03:40 Silver & Gold Being Held Down
07:25 Price Management Scheme
11:28 Time to Sit on the Sidelines?
13:22 Dedollarization and BRICS
17:28 Gold and Silver as Currency
19:59 Outlook on Gold Miners
23:04 Silver Over Gold
24:18 Bill to End the Fed
25:41 Geopolitical Turmoil

Ed Steer is the founder of Ed Steer’s Gold and Silver Digest and a director at GATA.org.

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