The BRICS’ Plan to Destroy the Dollar Unveiled Soon Warns Robert Kiyosaki

Stansberry Research, Released on 8/14/23

The U.S. dollar’s longstanding status as the world’s reserve currency has been threatened this year as prominent countries around the world have avoided relying on the dollar for global trade. Today, Daniela interviewed Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, who asserts that the global de-dollarization trend signals that a return to a gold standard is inevitable as long as these foreign adversaries remain unified. He says, “When you talk about the BRICS, almost three-quarters of the population has signed on. It’s not if, but when they switch to gold. That’s what they’re saying.”

Robert also believes that cryptocurrencies offer a viable store of value as investors search for a safe haven from this chaotic market. “I like bitcoin because we have an enemy in common called the federal government, the Treasury, the Fed, and Wall Street,” he proclaims. He concludes by encouraging investors to explore the precious metals sector in an effort to protect their wealth as mountains of debt continue to weigh on the economy. “In two months alone, they’ve added $1.8 trillion in new debt; this is unsustainable. That’s why I’m a big hard asset person. I don’t buy much paper,” he states.

2:20 – The BRICS Summit
3:55 – Gold Standard
4:40 – Bitcoin
5:03 – Politics
6:58 – Hunter Biden
7:58 – Robert Kennedy Jr.
8:57 – Fitch Ratings
10:03 – National Debt
10:57 – Student Loan Debt & Education
13:32 – Hard Assets
17:35 – Teaching Capitalism

Robert Kiyosaki is best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the #1 personal finance book of all time. His book titles hold four of the top ten spots on Nielsen Bookscan List’s Life-to-Date Sales from 2001-2008 alone. Robert is an educational Entrepreneur and real estate tycoon, co-creator of the CASHFLOW® board game, founder of the financial education-based Rich Dad Company and author of New York Times Bestsellers: Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich, and Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education. Robert Kiyosaki is among the first to have warned Americans of an impending collapse in the US real estate market, famously prophesizing, “Your home is not an investment,” years before the Panic of 2008. His latest book is Capitalist Manifesto.

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