Michael Pento: “Tremendous” Opportunity To Short The Market Coming As Stocks Still 30% Overvalued (Part 2/2)

Wealthion, Released on 9/15/23

For Part 1 of this interview, CLICK HERE

Money manager Michael Pento returns for Part 2 of our interview with him to share how his portfolio is currently positioned as well as how he will change that positioning once the market correction he expects is underway. He’s confident one will happen in the coming 12 months as stocks remain 30% overvalued by his calculations. When the correction occurs, Michael recommends positioning in cash, the US dollar, US Treasurys & shorts.

0:00 Being net short of the market.
2:59 What has not happened yet?
8:59 How to allocate your portfolio right now.
13:59 The four horsemen of the economic apocalypse.
19:27 Powell is playing for legacy.
24:20 This is a time to prioritize conservatism.
31:10 The importance of living up to potential.

Michael Pento is a specialist in Austrian economics and is the President of Pento Portfolio Strategies. Prior to starting Pento Portfolio Strategies he served as a senior economist and VP of the managed products division of another well known financial firm. Michael has also created ETFs and UITs that were sold throughout Wall Street. Earlier in his career, he worked on the floor of the NYSE. He is the author of The Coming Bond Market Collapse: How to Survive the Demise of the U.S. Debt Market.

Adam Taggart is the Founder of Wealthion. He is also Co-Founder and former President of Peak Prosperity. Adam is an experienced Silicon Valley internet executive and Stanford MBA. Prior to partnering with Chris Martenson (Adam was General Manager of our earlier site, ChrisMartenson.com), he was a Vice President at Yahoo!, a company he served for nine years. Before that, he did the ‘startup thing’ (mySimon.com, sold to CNET in 2001). As a fresh-faced graduate from Brown University in the early 1990s, Adam got a first-hand look at all that was broken with Wall Street as an investment banking analyst for Merrill Lynch. Most importantly, he’s a devoted husband and dad.

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