Michael Krieger: Localism, Globalism, Decentralization, Totalitarianism

Wake Up Podcast, Released on 8/12/21

Michael Krieger joins me on on Ep 47 of Wake Up. He’s an Ex Wall Street guy, founder of Liberty Blitzkrieg, Bitcoiner, Father, Husband and Gardener.

The key topic of this discussion as Spiral Dynamics, a model of understanding the human collective and individual consciences through levels & layers of values frameworks.

Created by Clare Graves in the time of Maslow, and built up by Don Beck, Spiral Dynamics is a fascinating way to understand human behaviour both at an individual and collective level.

Apart from Spiral, the conversation covered:

– Localism & Decentralization
– Global connectedness VS Globalism

– Globalism = Industrial Farming & Monsanto
– Localism = Permaculture

– Globalism cannot work because the principles it sits on are false.
– It removes accountability

– Technocratic leviathans can only exist within the framework of a monopolistic state

– Localism is natural & emergent. That’s why it was they “way it used to be”.
– Values are emergent & people naturally align around tribes & communities

– The Municipality has the MOST power, then the city, then the state, then the nation.

– Comfort & convenience.

– Static VS Dynamic inequality.
– Can move up. Can move down.

– We’ve been in a Dark Age
– Stupidity or Plan?

– Spiral Dynamics
– Don Beck & Ken Wilbur

Michael Krieger is the creator and editor of Liberty Blitzkrieg, a popular blog that has recently gone on hiatus. Michael attended college at Duke University where he earned a double major in Economics and Spanish. After completing his studies in 2000, he took a job at Lehman Brothers where he worked in the Equity Research Department. In 2005, he joined Sanford C. Bernstein where he served as the Commodities Analyst on the trading floor. Over time, Michael no longer felt satisfied working within the industry and he resigned in January 2010. At that point, he started a family investment office and focused on writing macro pieces on economic, social and geopolitical topics. He gradually recognized that his true passion centers upon writing on issues of significant societal importance given the extremely challenging times we live in. This realization culminated with the launching of Liberty Blitzkrieg in 2012. You can find his latest viewpoints on Twitter at @LibertyBlitz.

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