Michael Krieger, Max Keiser & Stacy discuss the debt apocalypse, bitcoin and localism

Max Keiser TV, Released on 10/25/20 Max and Stacy chat with Michael Krieger, the poet laureate of the debt apocalypse, about bitcoin, localism and an era beyond voting every four years for more status quo. Michael also describes the circumstances behind the great tomato disaster of 2020. Michael Krieger is the creator and editor of […]

Michael Krieger on why he made the decision to retire Liberty Blitzkrieg

Coin Desk, Released on 7/10/20 (Recorded on 7/9/20) *The interview begins at 07:29 Topics: How Michael became disaffected while working on Wall Street during the Great Financial Crisis How Zero Hedge amplified Liberty Blitzkrieg and sent Michael on a decade-long writing path How Michael discovered bitcoin and the bitcoin community in 2012 Why social media […]

Michael Krieger: How Coronavirus Exposed the “Shaky Foundation”

Michael Krieger: How Coronavirus Exposed the “Shaky Foundation”

Real Vision Finance, Released on 6/25/20 (Recorded on 3/28/20) *This interview was recorded on March 28, 2020 What happens when an upheaval so massive forces financial markets, governments, and society to rethink how our systems work? Michael Krieger, author of the Liberty Blitzkrieg, joins Real Vision to explain what coronavirus and the response to the […]