Jim Rickards discusses the recent coup d’état attempt in the US

Fat Tail Investment Research, Released on 9/23/21

Within weeks of the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, Australia has announced a new defense deal with the UK and US, and our intention to acquire nuclear submarines and Tomahawk missiles. And Australia isn’t alone. Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force is doing its first nationwide war drills since the Cold War, and the European Commission is agitating for a defense force of its own so that it isn’t reliant on the US for protection. It seems Biden’s announcement that the US won’t be as active in dictating the world’s affairs has woken everyone up to the need to protect themselves. When it comes to untangling the messy withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the long-term implications, Jim Rickards is your man.

Jim Rickards is a lawyer, investment banker and economist with over thirty years’ experience in capital markets. He is currently Chief Global Strategist at Meraglim. He advises the Department of Defense, the U.S. intelligence community, and major hedge funds on global finance, and served as a facilitator of the first ever financial war games conducted by the Pentagon. A frequent guest on financial news programs, Rickards is also the author of The New York Times bestselling novels Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis and The Death of Money. His latest book is The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World.

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