Google and Meta have censored reporting on the Nashville transgender school shooter manifesto

Summit News, Released on 11/7/23

YouTube has removed reporting by Steven Crowder on the pages of the withheld manifesto of the Nashville mass shooter that he managed to obtain, claiming that they “think it violates” their policy on “violent criminal organizations”.


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Herman James,
the article you linked and named “Democrat Hamas protester murders elderly Jewish man in Los Angeles” does not mention word Hamas at all, it mentions “simultaneous pro-Israeli/pro-Palestinian demonstrations that were taking place in proximity to one another”. The article actually says “and the alleged attacker as a “young pro-Palestinian protester.”
Do you have confidential information that the “young pro-Palestinian protester” is a democrat and that he is NOT pro-Palestinian, but instead that he is pro-Hamas?
Why are you adding fuel to the fire?
Aren’t we divided enough, do you want to do your part in making it worse?