Gold is not the best inflation hedge, these assets are better – Adrian Day

Kitco News, Released on 9/12/21

Markets seem to still believe the Federal Reserve’s narrative of transitory inflation, but that narrative is not reflective of reality, said Adrian Day, president of Adrian Day Asset Management.

“The market simply doesn’t believe the inflation story, and they seem to believe what the Fed is saying about it being transitory. To me, obviously there are reasons to think that some of the recent jumps we’ve had in certain prices are temporary, but if prices in aggregate go up, then that’s a reflection of inflation, and it seems to me we definitely have inflation,” Day told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News.

This is his guide to beating inflation.

0:00 – Inflation
6:46 – Gold’s performance
9:50 – Fed tapering
12:05 – The best inflation hedges
18:17 – Major risks for investors
21:00 – Hedge against high valuations
24:44 – Top stock picks
26:20 – Cryptocurrencies

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