Frank Holmes: Macro Landscape, Gold, Bitcoin, KGB & Gazprom

The Jay Martin Show, Released on 12/26/22

CEO of U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes explains how the KGB and Gazprom have been influencing environmental groups to shape energy policies that are favorable to Russian interests. Frank also discusses how sound money outside of government control, such as gold and Bitcoin, are going to become more important than ever as governments tighten their control over the financial system.

00:00 Introduction
01:50 Macro Landscape
05:41 China Buying Oil With Yuan
15:59 Bullish on the Middle East
18:47 Commodities Supercycle
24:47 KGB & Gazprom
32:27 FTX Meltdown
37:48 SBF Media Donations
41:09 Bitcoin Mining to Generate Energy

Frank Holmes is the CEO and chief investment officer of U.S. Global Investors, Inc., a boutique investment advisory firm based in San Antonio that manages domestic and offshore funds specializing in the natural resources and emerging markets sectors. He’s also Executive Chairman of Hive Blockchain Technologies.

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