Frank Holmes: 2024 Investing Trends: Bitcoin, Gold, Airlines

The Deep Dive, Released on 12/12/23 Join us in this insightful interview with Frank Holmes, Chairman of HIVE Blockchain and a renowned figure in global investing. Frank shares his expert analysis on the latest trends in the gold market, the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, and the evolving landscape of the airline industry. Don’t miss out […]

The Big Reset on Gold Is Coming, Price Could Reach $2,300 in 2024, Predicts Frank Holmes

Stansberry Research, Released on 10/2/23 “I think when rates are going to peak next quarter, and we got an election year next year and when rates start falling, gold will be $2,300,” says Frank Holmes, CEO and chief investment officer for U.S. Global Investors. He acknowledges while gold provides a lot of value for investors […]

Frank Holmes: Banks Gasping for Air, Facing Crisis Unlike 2008

Stansberry Research, Released on 3/29/23 “[The situation we’re in now] is very different than 2008, the rising of rates seems to be a magic number,” argues Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors and Chairman of HIVE Blockchain Technologies. “Signature bank falling was such a shock, but we moved our money out and it was […]

Frank Holmes: Macro Landscape, Gold, Bitcoin, KGB & Gazprom

The Jay Martin Show, Released on 12/26/22 CEO of U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes explains how the KGB and Gazprom have been influencing environmental groups to shape energy policies that are favorable to Russian interests. Frank also discusses how sound money outside of government control, such as gold and Bitcoin, are going to become more […]

Investing In The ‘New Normal’ With Rick Rule and Frank Holmes

Stansberry Research, Released on 6/13/22 (Recorded on 6/2/22) “Wall Street is substantially more interested in the fees than its customers,” says Rick Rule, founder of Rule Investment Media. “It’s a new world when it comes to investing,” says Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors. Both Rule and Holmes sit down with our Daniela Cambone […]

When war breaks out, own gold or Bitcoin? Frank Holmes predicts $3,000 for one of those

Kitco News, Released on 2/23/22 Which is the ideal “safe haven” asset to own during times of political turmoil? Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors, discusses with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News the differences between Bitcoin and gold. Frank Holmes is the CEO and chief investment officer of U.S. Global Investors, Inc., a […]

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