Frank Holmes: 2024 Investing Trends: Bitcoin, Gold, Airlines

The Deep Dive, Released on 12/12/23

Join us in this insightful interview with Frank Holmes, Chairman of HIVE Blockchain and a renowned figure in global investing. Frank shares his expert analysis on the latest trends in the gold market, the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, and the evolving landscape of the airline industry. Don’t miss out on his valuable insights!

0:00 – Introduction and Overview
3:18 – Impact of Federal Reserve Policies on Markets
5:08 – Understanding Government Bond Yields and Market Reactions
7:02 – Infrastructure and Economic Indicators
11:09 – The Future of Alternative Assets and Market Predictions
15:35 – Challenges in the Canadian Junior Markets
18:19 – Government Policies and Investment Trends
21:58 – The Rise of Fintech and Canadian Market Dynamics
25:04 – Analysis of the Airline Industry Post-COVID
31:00 – Closing Thoughts and Future Outlook

Frank Holmes is the CEO and chief investment officer of U.S. Global Investors, Inc., a boutique investment advisory firm based in San Antonio that manages domestic and offshore funds specializing in the natural resources and emerging markets sectors. He’s also Executive Chairman of Hive Blockchain Technologies.

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