Ed Steer: Silver Has The Largest Concentrated Short Position In History

Liberty and Finance, Released on 6/28/24

25 Yr veteran analyst of gold & silver markets, and board member of the Gold Antitrust Action Committee (GATA.org,) joins us to discuss Ted Butler’s legacy and Butler’s exposing of manipulation in the silver market. Steer shares data on world-record concentrated short positions maintained by bullion banks, based on the COTC report. The BRICS+ nations are well aware of precious metal manipulation, he notes, and are accumulating physical metal while preparing for a gold-backed currency.

0:00 Intro
1:20 Remembering Ted Butler
4:20 Silver market short positions
23:43 BRICS+ nations
29:50 US gold holdings
38:21 Canada’s change
44:40 BRICS+ & gold
47:50 Weekly specials

Ed Steer is the founder of Ed Steer’s Gold and Silver Digest and a director at GATA.org.

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