Doug Casey on the Imminent Bankruptcy of the US Government

International Man, Released on 11/8/23

Everyone knows that the US government has been bankrupt for many years. But we


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Karl Graz

I generally agree with Doug Casey on most everything, but he’s way off base when he discusses “entitlements”. Yes, Medicare and Social Security are entitlements! People my age have paid into these programs for fifty years or more. No one ASKED if we wanted to contribute or opt out, the money was simply taken….as much as the government determined it wanted and needed, again without permission. This was done with the promise of certain benefits to be paid out later. Well LATER is NOW, Doug and it’s not my fault if the corrupt group of lowlife idiots in Washington called politicians have already spent the billions and billions of dollars that have been paid into these programs for decades. YES DOUG WE ARE ENTITLED TO OUR BENEFITS and if YOU don’t like it….tough! I’m beginning to think that the audience at the Phil Donohue show may have been on to something. Maybe you are a bit of a horses ass!