BRICS Is Expanding; HUGE Threat To Dollar Dominance | Andy Schectman

Liberty and Finance, Released on 8/26/23

Andy Schectman joins us for a flash update to discuss the joining of Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Egypt and Ethiopia into the BRICS coalition. He discusses how this is a major development for dedollarization.

0:00 Intro
2:30 BRICS expands
9:00 Saudi Arabia
11:50 Dedollarization

Andy Schectman is the President and CEO of Miles Franklin Ltd. Precious Metals. Prior to starting Miles Franklin, Ltd. in 1989, Andrew became a Licensed Financial Planner, specializing in Swiss Franc Investments and alternative investments. At Miles Franklin Ltd., a company that has eclipsed $5 billion in sales, Andrew has developed an operation that maintains trust, collaboration, and ethical behavior, superior customer service and satisfaction to better serve their clients. He is responsible for overseeing the firm’s operations and business functions; including strategy and planning, account management, finance, and new business.

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