Bitcoin vs the Infinite Money Printer with Luke Gromen

What Bitcoin Did, Released on 11/6/23

Luke Gromen is the Founder and President of Forest for the Trees (FFTT). In this interview, we discuss the state of the economy, government borrowing and the bond market. We explore the implications of increased US government borrowing and spending on debt and taxes. We also talk about cycles of quantitative easing, a comparison of the economies of Argentina and the US, the impacts of inflation on different groups and investment strategies during a recession.

00:00 Debt spiral & bond market
13:22 high inflation & unrest in US?
23:17 Spending spiral: debt & entitlements
37:24 Who will suffer most?
50:09 Recession timing, elections, BTC ETF

Luke Gromen is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and received his MBA from Case Western Reserve University. He earned the CFA designation in 2003. Luke provides strategic consulting services for corporate executives and is the founder of The Forest For The Trees, LLC, a macro/thematic research firm catering to institutions and individuals.

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