Axel Merk on Stagflation and How to Protect Yourself Financially

Goldseek, Released on 7/27/23

Axel Merk; Founder of Merk Investments with over a billion in management in the PMs sector, rejoins us today ahead of the FOMC rate hike meeting slated for Wednesday this week.

– Beware pundits spewing financial Armageddon narratives.
– Axel’s portfolio diversification comments.
– US equities trends.
– FOMC rate hike meeting slated for Wednesday this week, where the FFF contracts suggest policymakers will increase rates aby .25 basis point, perhaps concluding the rate hike cycle.
– Is the Fed seeking a recession via higher rates – if so, do stock bulls have it wrong?
– Is stagflation imminent?
– Axel’s comments on the precious metals sector and inflation.

Axel Merk is the Founder, President, Portfolio Manager, and CIO at Merk Investments LLC. He is an expert on qualitative research and macroeconomic trends. Mr. Merk is also an expert on macro trends, hard money, international investing, and on building sustainable wealth, and he is a pioneer in the use of strategic currency investing to seek diversification. He is a speaker and author on topics ranging from the economy, gold, and currencies to sustainable wealth and personal finance, as well as a regular guest and contributor to the business media around the world. Mr. Merk is an Author of the book Sustainable Wealth: Achieve Financial Security in a Volatile World of Debt and Consumption.

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