Andy Schectman: Is global de-dollarization an intentional & deliberate effort from within the USA? (Part 2/2)

Kitco News, Released on 8/9/23

For Part 1 of this interview, CLICK HERE

Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, continues her interview with Andy Schectman, President and Owner of Miles Franklin, who explores the idea that the move for countries to de-dollarize could be intentionally and deliberately driven from factions within the U.S. Schectman says it is one of the few possible solutions to the massive American debt problem and could put the U.S. on the direct path to the introduction of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). He also weighs in on the outlook of the petrodollar, the essential role gold plays in all of this, and theorizes who can be behind the de-dollarization agenda within the U.S. itself.

00:00 – Intro
01:35: De-dollarization: an intentional effort from within the U.S.?
14:53: Who is driving this push to de-dollarize from within the U.S.?
20:32: A lead-up to a CBDC?
24:02: The role gold plays and the future of CBDCs backed by commodities
28:15: A CBDC in the U.S. and its potential trigger event
29:53: Pushback against a CBDC and de-dollarization
42:46: How gold fits in

Andy Schectman is the President and CEO of Miles Franklin Ltd. Precious Metals. Prior to starting Miles Franklin, Ltd. in 1989, Andrew became a Licensed Financial Planner, specializing in Swiss Franc Investments and alternative investments. At Miles Franklin Ltd., a company that has eclipsed $5 billion in sales, Andrew has developed an operation that maintains trust, collaboration, and ethical behavior, superior customer service and satisfaction to better serve their clients. He is responsible for overseeing the firm’s operations and business functions; including strategy and planning, account management, finance, and new business.

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