Willem Middelkoop: Why Your Gold Investments Are Going To Explode 400%

Soar Financially, Released on 4/28/24 (Recorded on 4/25/24)

Willem Middelkoop, Founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund and author of “The Big Reset” joined me on Soar Financially to discuss and explain the recent gold price move. He says the reset process has begun and we could see the gold price going much higher. And hence, your gold investments will rise significantly as a result.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:53 Welcome and Introduction of the Show and Host
00:01:19 Introduction of Guest and Initial Discussion Points
00:02:01 Guest Introduction and Discussion on Gold’s Market Dynamics
00:03:01 Analysis of Geopolitical Influences on Gold
00:04:14 Global Economic Shifts and Gold Reserves
00:05:32 Geopolitical Tensions and Gold Pricing
00:06:08 Discussion on Institutional Investment in Gold
00:07:09 Global Divides in Economic Sanctions and Support
00:08:33 The Future of the Dollar and Gold as Reserve Currency
00:09:05 Long-term Projections for Gold Price
00:10:26 Mining Stocks and Market Dynamics
00:11:50 Economic Forecasts and Their Impact on Gold
00:13:16 Discussion on US Economic Policies and Deficit
00:14:30 Breakout in Precious Metals and Mining Stocks
00:16:21 Investment Strategies in Mining and Precious Metals
00:18:01 Long-term Gold Price Assumptions and Investment Implications
00:19:19 Final Remarks and Off-the-record Comments
00:20:21 Valuation and Market Opportunities in Mining
00:21:48 Copper Market Trends and Insights
00:23:53 Further Discussion on Copper and China’s Market Strategy
00:25:39 Competition from Digital Currencies
00:27:04 Bitcoin and Its Impact on Commodity Investments
00:28:40 Discussion on Silver Market and Investment Flows
00:30:22 Outlook on Commodity Bull Markets
00:32:05 The Evolving Investment Landscape in Mining
00:33:50 Where to Follow the Guest’s Work and Closing Remarks
00:34:39 Conclusion and Encouragement to Subscribe

Willem P. Middelkoop is Co-Founder & Fund Manager at Commodity Discovery Management. He is responsible for research and was previously a private investor in Canadian (junior) mining companies for over 10 years, and is an expert in ‘Discovery Investing’. He ceased his work as a financial journalist, in 2009, but is still an active writer, publishing books on financial and economic topics.

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