Willem Middelkoop On Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, The Big Reset, And The Financial Endgame

The Julia La Roche Show, Released on 3/13/23

Willem Middelkoop, founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund and author of “The Big Reset: The War on Gold and the Financial Endgame,” joins Julia La Roche on episode 61. In this episode, Willem shares his reaction to the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and the actions by the Federal Reserve, FDIC, and the Treasury. In response to the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, the Federal Reserve, Treasury, and FDIC have taken emergency measures to ensure all bank depositors will be made whole, including those whose funds exceeded the maximum FDIC-insured level of $250,000. He explains why the guarantee of all depositors in the U.S. banking system is inflationary. Willem also outlines his thesis from his book “The Big Reset” and why we’re already witnessing the financial endgame. Elsewhere, he shares why he expects investors will seek assets like gold, silver, and bitcoin that don’t have counterparty risks. He also details his simple model for portfolio construction.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Reaction to SVB failure
1:50 A record pace of rate hikes
2:10 Financial system is unstable because huge debt burden
2:41 The Federal Reserve is cornered
3:40 A big question is whether they should stop raising rates or continue raising
4:50 Raising depositor guarantee limits is inflationary
6:20 Gold, silver, and bitcoin on the rise are inflationary signs
7:20 Losing trust in the banking system?
11:00 Pressure on the dollar
15:50 Endgame of the current dollar system
17:20 The start of a new financial crisis
19:11 FDIC/Fed/Treasury move shows the desperation
20:27 A system built on paper assets
22:20 A new monetary system?
24:22 When too much money starts to flee paper assets to hard assets
25:21 Where gold and silver could go?
29:00 How to hedge and hide?
29:35 Bitcoin has been digital gold since 2014
30:00 Portfolio construction
31:05 Parting thoughts
31:59 Stress within the system becomes clearly visible
33:20 A huge rally in stocks wouldn’t surprise

Willem P. Middelkoop is Co-Founder & Fund Manager at Commodity Discovery Management. He is responsible for research and was previously a private investor in Canadian (junior) mining companies for over 10 years, and is an expert in ‘Discovery Investing’. He ceased his work as a financial journalist, in 2009, but is still an active writer, publishing books on financial and economic topics.

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