Will This End the Manipulation of Gold Pricing? | Silver | Uranium – Doomberg

The Money Levels Show, Released on 4/20/24

In this interview with Doomberg we cover inflation, gold, silver, platinum group metals, uranium, and recession.

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Inflation
8:42 – Gold
15:19 – Geopolitical Tensions and Gold
17:56 – Gold Equities
19:57 – Doombergs take on silver
21:31 – Platinum Group Metals
22:14 – Uranium
24:14 – Russian Ban on Uranium
29:54 – Recession or No
34:03 – Reverse Repo and Treasury Auctions
35:30 – Closing

Doomberg is the anonymous publishing arm of a bespoke consulting firm providing advisory services to family offices and c-suite executives. Its principals apply their decades of experience across heavy industry, private equity and finance to deliver innovative thinking and clarity to complex problems. Doomberg on Substack: https://doomberg.substack.com.

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