Why Gareth Soloway Is ‘Very Bullish’ On Precious Metals Right Now

MiningStockEducation.com, Released on 11/2/21

Professional Trader Gareth Soloway of InTheMoneyStocks.com shares how he is trading gold, silver, miners, commodities and bitcoin. Gareth has over 20 years of trading experience and is the Chief Market Strategist at InTheMoneyStocks.com. Since 2007, Gareth has maintained an over 80% success rate on swing trade alerts (verified 300+ trades per year) given to members in Verified Investing Alerts (formally named the Research Center) and a verified 94% success rate on day trades in the Live Day Trading Chat Room. He has given lectures at colleges around the United States, been asked to train hedge fund traders in other countries and taught thousands of investors how to invest and trade profitably, achieving their dreams of financial independence. He lives life to the fullest and puts his heart and soul into teaching his members who come willing to learn the PPT Methodology.

0:00 Introduction
0:32 GDXJ
3:26 SLV
5:16 NEM
7:12 U.UN (TSX)
9:15 Oil (USO)
10:42 UNG
12:55 Real estate & inflation trades
13:45 Bitcoin (shorting right now)
17:11 Discussing ATH’s
18:42 DJP (Bloomberg Commodity Index)
19:48 S&P and NASDAQ
21:16 Best trades in last 30days

Gareth Soloway is a professional trader with over 20 years of experience and the President, CEO, & Chief Market Strategist for InTheMoneyStocks.

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