We Have Been Warned | Gregory Mannarino

Liberty and Finance, Released on 6/21/23

Central banks control everything because they control the money, says market trader and commentator Gregory Mannarino. “They run the world,” he says, “Everything else is just a side show.” And economic indicators are pointing to hard times ahead, including erratic action in the debt market. “The debt market is the greatest threat to the world economy,” he notes, “it’s massively unstable.” Central banks are likely to step in to save the economy and in the process reduce people’s financial freedom. Mannarino discusses how to protect our liberty and finances in these trying times.

0:00 Intro
2:30 Awareness
9:41 Bond market
17:30 Liquidity
23:50 Dow/gold ratio
30:00 New reserve currency
23:30 It’s a game
35:19 Freedom
47:57 Miles Franklin

Gregory Mannarino started his career working for the securities and trading arm of the now defunct Bear Stearns before the dot-com bubble. After realizing that working on Wall Street was not like the movies, he moved on to get a medical degree and practiced medicine as a Physician Assistant. He also served in the United States Naval Reserve Medical Service Corps, having attained the rank of Lieutenant. He is an active trader of the capital markets and has published several books pertaining to finance, global economics, and equity trading. Gregory currently hosts a business day “MarketReport” on YouTube. You can find out more about what he offers at his website Traderschoice.net.

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