Vince Lanci: Gold Breaks Out Above $2100, And Might Not Be Done…

Arcadia Economics, Released on 3/5/24

Back in December the gold price spiked over $2100 for a few hours on a Sunday night before markets opened in the US, but was sold off considerably by the time the COMEX closed on Monday. But after yesterday’s rally, we’re now over $2100 on the COMEX, and as of Tuesday morning, the price is still rallying. So Vince checks in to talk about the move, and what he sees coming next.

Vince Lanci is Managing Partner at Echobay Partners LLC. Vince founded Echobay after a profitable career running CiS Options and Berard Capital. The firm is a vehicle for expressing his and “friends and family” personal investment ideas. Echobay also consults on market structure, risk management, and legal cases involving fraud in markets. Vince is also a regular contribute to

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