Value Hunting with Trader Ferg — Gold, Uranium & More

Money of Mine, Released on 6/14/24

We’ve got a great chat to share with Fergus Cullen (or Trader Ferg). Ferg writes a popular Substack blog, where he hunts for value investments in a lot of the areas we like to look. We had a blast picking through PGMs, beaten oil services plays, the evolution of the uranium trade, where coal and other energy goes from here, why he’s taken a liking to gold as well as the recent addition of tin to his portfolio.

0:00:00 Contrarian Trader Ferg on MoM
0:03:43 Is nickel an opportunity
0:06:57 Beaten up PGMs
0:12:14 The oil services attraction
0:15:48 PGM supply risk
0:21:11 Being too early
0:23:04 African risk
0:26:13 Entering uranium
0:29:23 When to sell
0:32:24 Index flows
0:34:51 Energy Return on Investment
0:40:02 Namibia Uranium
0:42:38 Boss’ director sales
0:46:32 Nexgen’s colourful moves
0:49:51 Rare earths – too hard
0:53:39 Met vs thermal coal
0:57:21 China & developing markets
1:02:39 Why gold
1:08:47 Buying physical
1:14:13 Adding tin

Fergus Cullen, better known as Trader Ferg on Twitter, is a well-known trader and investor who has the knack of finding multi-baggers. Ferg was an asset manager in Australia, before meeting his mentor who inspired him to get into trading. This set Ferg on a path of quitting his job before he was 30, managing other people’s money for a few years, to finally managing his own finances (on a beach in Bali).

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