U.S Dollar & Energy’s Role In The “Debt Death Spiral” End Game | Luke Gromen

Blockworks Macro, Released on 5/24/23

On today’s episode of On The Margin, Luke Gromen Founder & President of Forest for the Trees (FFTT) joins the show for a discussion on the end game for the Fed. After highlighting many of the structural shifts underpinning the current monetary system over the past few years, Luke lays out his thesis on the intersection between peak cheap energy and the U.S dollar system. Luke goes on to walk through how the Fed will be forced to manage these dynamics with inflation above trend and record high debt to GDP levels. To hear all this and more, you’ll have to tune in!

00:00 Introduction
01:15 Have We Reached Peak Cheap Energy?
07:58 Permissionless II Ad
08:46 Oil Is The Real Economic Discount Rate
13:06 Central Banks Have Stoped Buying U.S Treasurys
19:03 What’s The End Game For The Fed?
27:38 Why The U.S Is Not Like Japan
32:12 Research Ad
33:02 Luke’s Macro Outlook For 2023
40:29 Approaching A “Debt Death Spiral”
42:44 Gold & Bitcoin

Luke Gromen is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and received his MBA from Case Western Reserve University. He earned the CFA designation in 2003. Luke provides strategic consulting services for corporate executives and is the founder of The Forest For The Trees, LLC, a macro/thematic research firm catering to institutions and individuals.

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