Trader Ferg: ‘Uranium will be squeezed to high heaven at some point’

The ROI Channel, Released on 9/30/22

Fergus Cullen is a well known trader and investor who has the knack of finding multi-baggers.
Retiring at 30 years of age he agreed to take some time out of his dream life in Bali to sit for a recorded conversation where he:

– Explains why the idea of solar and wind as reliable, ESG sources of baseload power is overrated
– Shares with us his thoughts on the current macro-economic environment
– Which assets and sectors he’s investing in now
– Recounts his highest ROI to date, a 65x ROI!

How to find Ferg:

Twitter: @trader_ferg

Join @Crux Investor & gain access to what Ferg’s trading:

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