Time to Trust Your Gut | Andy Schectman

Liberty and Finance, Released on 4/23/20

​With stocks, retirement funds, and reals estate all poised on a knife’s edge, massive layoffs sweeping across the nation and world, and governments & banks printing cash like there’s no tomorrow, is this the time to be meekly following our financial advisor’s standard prescription for normal times?

Or are these times worthy of taking a hard look at the road ahead, shouldering accountability and trusting what our gut is telling us – to do what we’ll be glad we did?

Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metals, returns to Liberty and Finance to update us on the latest developments in these volatile times, and to remind us that we, who alone are the ones who will have to live with the outcomes our decisions, must be our own guides where others will not and cannot lead us.

Andy Schectman is the President and CEO of Miles Franklin Ltd. Precious Metals.

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