THE WAR of the SILVER ETFs: SLV vs. PSLV | Steve St. Angelo

Liberty and Finance, Released on 4/2/21

05:00​ A Warning From the History of Wood and Civilization
17:00​ Energy Cliff Precedes the Collapse of Empires
22:00​ The Green Economy: False Savior + Hidden Risks
26:00​ Wind Power Failed Everywhere in The Deep Freeze
30:00​ Coal & Nuclear: Fuel Stockpiles vs. NATURAL GAS/WIND/SOLAR: JIT Fragility
48:00​ THE WAR of the SILVER ETFs: SLV vs PSLV
54:00​ We’re Fleeing Big Cities -to- Big Suburbs -to- Country
57:00​ What Else Can I Do?

A hard-hitting, fact-packed warning on the devastating impact of the coming energy cliff that is signaling the collapse of our modern complex technological empires.

Respected analyst Stephen St. Angelo, founder of the SRSRocco Report, also weighs in on the titanic war being waged right now between ordinary investors and concentrated financial powers, on the battlefield of the silver ETFs SLV & PSLV, … a war which he says is FAR FROM OVER.

Independent researcher Steve St. Angelo ( started to invest in precious metals in 2002. Later on in 2008, he began researching areas of the gold and silver market that, curiously, the majority of the precious metal analyst community have left unexplored. These areas include how energy and the falling EROI – Energy Returned On Invested – stand to impact the mining industry, precious metals, paper assets, and the overall economy. Steve considers studying the impacts of EROI one of the most important aspects of his energy research. For the past several years, he has written scholarly articles in some of the top precious metals and financial websites.

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