The Stock Market is Expensive with Ted Oakley

WTFinance, Released on 2/23/24 (Recorded on 2/20/24)

During our conversation we spoke about Ted’s thoughts on the market, why we could have reached a market top, what mistakes the FED have made, the divergence between main & wall street and more. I hope you enjoy!

0:00 – Introduction
0:47 – What is Ted seeing in the markets?
1:48 – Negative news currently coming out?
2:33 – Did the FED make a mistake in October?
3:54 – What do market tops look like?
5:34 – Hard to imagine more fiscal support
6:17 – How should FED act?
7:22 – Where does Ted see markets in 3-6 months?
9:27 – Was 2022 a bear market?
11:44 – Was the last year a bull market?
12:54 – Main street struggling while Wall Street thriving
14:27 – How has consumer kept head above the water?
16:27 – Largest companies continuing to grow, is this time different?
19:07 – What would Ted see to change perspective on bull market?
21:25 – What would Ted own?
22:34 – Concern of oil saturation?
24:03 – Where will economy be in 2025?
26:01 – Does Ted take into account the election?
28:27 – One message to take away from our conversation?

Ted Oakley, the founder of Oxbow Advisors and co-founder of its predecessor firm, HPO Advisors, has over thirty-five years of experience in the investment industry. The “Oxbow Principles” and the firm’s proprietary investment strategies were developed as a result of the unique perspective Ted gained throughout his almost four-decade tenure advising high net worth investors.

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