The Great Economic Transition Is Now Upon Us: Bob Kudla

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Farmer Paul

Bob Kudla
I think you better have a look at worldometer. We are seeing a lot of people dying in really hot countries right now from the virus. These are countries that are warmer now than most of the United States is in the summer. Unless the malaria cure or another cure shows to be effective real soon, I think your virus die off projection is way off.
Here’s my projection. Military on the streets of New York in less than 2 weeks, 100,000,000 dead worldwide by June. At the rate the total fatalities number is increasing right now, 100,000,000 dead could be on the low side. I expect we’ll slow it down just enough to keep the thing on the front page of most newspapers for at least 2 years if not more and drag out the peak infection and death numbers from June 2020 to a few months later. 4 to 5 months of world lockdowns will seriously damage the economy.
After the virus has killed millions, Americans will be as poor as Cambodians but Cambodians will have food to eat. Most big corporations will be insolvent.
I just pray the virus keeps killing mostly old folks like me. If it starts killing the young, Mad Max becomes reality. If you haven’t moved to a small agricultural or fishing town and you can afford to move, do it now.
For all of you folks that trust in the fiat system, your education is about to become very real.