Martin Armstrong: Gold, Silver, Equities Will Soar ‘As Confidence Begins To Break’, Released on 7/21/20

0:00 Introduction
0:59 Historical parallel to current day?
6:04 Modern-day Bolshevik Revolution
7:08 Digitization of USD
12:33 Gold standard has never worked
14:45 Where do you find a safe-haven asset?
16:30 Divided, toxic political environment
18:37 USD probably will decline into election for fear of a Trump loss
20:50 Commodities are going to rise
24:50 Dow 40,000 is further out
29:51 Armstrong Economics website

In this interview, expert commentator and forecaster Martin Armstrong offers his view on the macro political and economic environment. He offers a unique perspective intended to educate the general public and organizations on the underlying trends within the global economic and political environment. The mission of Armstrong Economics is to research historical cyclical patterns and market behavior in timing, price and crisis to better understand and identify potential future trends, using an extensive monetary database and advanced proprietary models.

Martin Armstrong is a world renown economist and the creator of the Economic Confidence Model. He is the founder of Armstrong Economics – a public service and blog for the average person to comprehend the global economy and for professionals to access the most sophisticated international analysis possible. He published a book in 2019 called Manipulating the World Economy.

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