The Fed is Lying; We’re Headed for Times Worse Than Great Depression Warns Insider Bert Dohmen

ITM Trading, Released on 5/8/24

“Washington is a manufacturer of false economic statistics,” says Bert Dohmen, founder of Dohmen Capital Research. In today’s interview with Daniela Cambone, Dohmen criticizes the Bureau of Labor for inflating job numbers by including part-time positions that ‘don’t pay the bills.’ He also delves into the gold market’s performance cycle, suggesting we’re entering a 30-year bull market fueled by major central banks’ unchecked money printing. Meanwhile, Dohmen’s optimistic outlook on gold extends to the anticipation of retail investors joining the market, driving prices even higher. Lastly, he reiterates his earlier prediction of a tumultuous 2024 marked by ‘riots, wars, and burning cities,’ particularly in the lead-up to the election.

00:00 Stagflation
3:41 April job numbers
4:48 Money supply
7:55 Stagflation compared to 1970s
8:56 What to do with stagflation?
10:11 Gold price
20:34 Market
21:43 AI frenzy
23:59 Great Depression
25:30 1930s and now
27:07 Concluding words

Bert Dohmen is the founder of Dohmen Capital Research and an author. He is also a renowned technical analyst, having called most market turns within days for 43 years. Bert’s “Theory of Liquidity & Credit” has allowed him to predict stock market crashes such as the Crash of 1987, the NASDAQ in 2000-2003, and the near-meltdown in 2008. In 2007, he predicted the coming crisis in his book, “Prelude To Meltdown.” 

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