The Currency Collapse: Hyperinflation Has Begun | Gold & Silver Prices Set To Explode! – Steve Penny

I LOVE PROSPERITY, Released on 2/21/21

In this video Steve Penny breaks down what an “invisible crash” looks like. Basically, this is when governments use hyperinflation to continually raise asset prices, so that people do not notice that the currency is collapsing. This has happened throughout history, and we’re beginning to see this more often, as countries are printing their currencies into a total economic crash. Steve says that Gold & Silver prices set to explode in an environment like this, because there will be a flight to safety. The important thing to watch is the purchasing power of your currency & when people are not able to buy the normal goods and services they are used it, they will begin spending their money faster, which will only increase the chances of hyperinflation or a collapse of currency.

Steve Penny is a full-time trader specializing in silver, gold, and uranium.

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