Technical Forecast: Bitcoin’s Potential Rally and S&P 500’s Hangman Signal – Gary Wagner

Kitco News, Released on 2/22/24

Jeremy Szafron, Anchor at Kitco News, interviews Gary Wagner, Editor of Wagner dissects the S&P 500’s surge past 5000, highlighting the technical signs pointing to potential market adjustments. He then talks about cryptocurrency volatility, specifically Bitcoin and Ethereum, offering predictions based on technical analysis and patterns. Wagner also evaluates gold’s position as a stable investment in the current economic climate, analyzing indicators for future price movements.

00:00 – Introduction & The Magnificent Seven
00:55 – S&P 500: Record Highs and Technical Analysis
02:20 – Candlestick Patterns and Market Corrections
04:15 – Fibonacci Retracements and S&P 500’s Future
06:11 – Impact of Tech Giants on Market Volatility
09:01 – Bitcoin and Ethereum: Technical Trends
13:18 – Ethereum’s Market Position and Predictions
16:13 – Gold’s Response to Economic Indicators
21:19 – Market Reactions to Federal Reserve Announcements

Gary Wagner has been a technical market analyst for 25 years. A frequent contributor to STOCKS & COMMODITIES Magazine, he has also written for Futures Magazine as well as Barrons. He is the executive producer of “The Gold Forecast,” a daily video newsletter. He has been a speaker for financial seminars including Futures West and the Dow Jones Financial Symposium which travels throughout the world.. Coauthor of “Trading Applications Of Japanese Candlestick Charting” a John Wiley publication.

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