Warren Buffett on bitcoin, inflation, and Wall Street turning the stock market into ‘a gambling parlor’

CNBC, Released on 4/30/22 Warren Buffett criticizes Wall Street for turning stock market into “a gambling parlor.” Part 1 (parts 2 & 3 below) If you offered me all the bitcoin in the world for $25, I wouldn’t take it, says Warren Buffett. Part 2 Inflation swindles almost everybody, says Warren Buffet. Part 3

Martin Armstrong: What Happened with the GameStop Stock?

Armstrong Economics, Released on 2/22/21 Martin Armstrong answers your questions. Have a question to ask? Email us at [email protected]. Martin Armstrong is a world renown economist and the creator of the Economic Confidence Model. He is the founder of Armstrong Economics – a public service and blog for the average person to comprehend the global […]

Jim Chanos: “Casino Capitalism – Fraud, Mania & Euphoria On Wall Street”

Hedgeye, Released on 11/2/20 (Recorded on 10/15/20 **This webcast originally aired live on Hedgeye.com on Oct. 15, 2020** This is an exclusive “Hedgeye Investing Summit” interview between short seller Jim Chanos, President & Founder of Kynikos Associates, and Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. Mr. Keith R. McCullough is the Founder and CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management […]

Nomi Prins: How the Big Banks Got the Sweetest Deal From the Covid-19 Bailouts

Nomi Prins: How the Big Banks Got the Sweetest Deal From the Covid-19 Bailouts

KCRW, Released on 5/15/20 Nomi covers the Fed, Wall Street and the recent bailouts. Nomi Prins is an American author, journalist, and Senior Fellow at Demos. She has worked as a managing director at Goldman-Sachs and as a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns, as well as having worked as a senior strategist at Lehman […]

The UNFAIRNESS Economy (Matt Taibbi & Chris Martenson)

Peak Prosperity, Released on 4/16/20 Award-winning investigative journalist Matt Taibbi penned perhaps the most iconic condemnation of the bankers who created (and subsequently got bailed out during) the Great Financial Crisis: “The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire […]

Schiff: Wall St. Bailout 2.0

Schiff:  Wall St. Bailout 2.0

YouTube/PeterSchiff, Released on 3/17/20 Another day, another couple trillion dollars in QE. Fed doing everything they can to prevent market forces from raising interest rates to a market clearing level. Sometimes stocks trade on peoples’ emotions and we’re seeing a lot of that now. Today marked the seventh consecutive day that the dow has moved […]