Harry’s Rant 3-22-24

Harry S. Dent Jr., Released on 3/22/24 It’s all about that lag! In this rant-a-palooza, Harry Dent discusses how the lag on the effects of Fed tightening could affect major assets, the rise of the crypto and AI sectors, and trends among financial indicators that could point to recession. Harry Dent is a Fortune 100 […]

Bill Fleckenstein: Bulls May Find Themselves ‘Up To Their Neck In Alligators’ Soon

Adam Taggart | Thoughtful Money, Released on 3/17/24 For a long time now, passive capital inflows have powered equities higher, especially the Magnificent 7, as a tremendous percent of every new dollar that flows into the market goes into these 7 stocks. But some of these once-bulletproof companies are now starting to struggle. And those […]

David Stockman: We’ve Hit A Fiscal & Monetary Dead End

Adam Taggart | Thoughtful Money, Released on 3/14/24 To better understand the current economic environment we find ourselves in, it helps to better understand how we ended up here. And few have as detailed an understanding as today’s guest, who has been a true insider in both Washington DC and Wall Street for his extremely […]

You Want to Own Commodities ‘In a Big Way’ After the Crash: Michael Pento

You Want to Own Commodities ‘In a Big Way’ After the Crash: Michael Pento

Commodity Culture, Released on 2/28/24 Michael Pento thinks commodities will be a great place to be, just not right now. A confluence of factors including untenable government debt, a weak banking sector, and extreme overvaluation in the broad market means that stocks are set for a brutal correction, and Michael believes it’s better to play […]

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