You Want to Own Commodities ‘In a Big Way’ After the Crash: Michael Pento

Commodity Culture, Released on 2/28/24 Michael Pento thinks commodities will be a great place to be, just not right now. A confluence of factors including untenable government debt, a weak banking sector, and extreme overvaluation in the broad market means that stocks are set for a brutal correction, and Michael believes it’s better to play […]

Mega Fed Chaos, Gold Wins | Danielle DiMartino Booth & Matthew Piepenburg

Soar Financially, Released on 11/16/23 The Fed is causing chaos and extreme volatility in the markets. The Fed pivot is wreaking havoc and gold stands to profit. In this riveting roundtable with some financial market heavyweights, we discuss Powell’s dovish comments, market outlook, and lagging leading indicators. Market Crash Ahead?! Danielle DiMartino Booth is Founder […]

Don’t Be Fooled: The Market Bottom Is Not In Yet | Danielle Park

Adam Taggart | Thoughtful Money, Released on 1/28/24 According to the latest government data, the US economy is growing faster than expected, inflation is largely under control, jobs are plentiful and consumer households remain “resilient”. So from this perspective, times are good. But talk to real consumers and you hear a very different story. The cost of […]