Schiff: Wall St. Bailout 2.0

Schiff:  Wall St. Bailout 2.0

YouTube/PeterSchiff, Released on 3/17/20 Another day, another couple trillion dollars in QE. Fed doing everything they can to prevent market forces from raising interest rates to a market clearing level. Sometimes stocks trade on peoples’ emotions and we’re seeing a lot of that now. Today marked the seventh consecutive day that the dow has moved […]

Could Boeing’s Troubles Bring the House Down? Peter Schiff & Bubba Horwitz Discuss

RT, Released on 1/13/20 As the aerospace giant continues to see its issues pile up, some officials in the U.S. government now say that Boeing’s troubles could weigh on the entire economy. We break it all down with Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital and Todd Horwitz of Bubba Trading. Peter Schiff is an internationally […]