Stocks Will ‘Melt-Up’ 70% This Year Before Global Deflationary Bust – David Hunter

The David Lin Report, Released on 5/19/23 (Recorded on 5/18/23)

David Hunter, Chief Macro Strategist of Contrarian Macro Investors, predicts a market melt-up this year before an 80% crash during what he describes will be the worst financial crisis in history that will lead to a global deflationary bust.

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Contrarian investing
2:45 – Stock market outlook
4:10 – Deflationary bust
7:30 – Worst financial crisis in history
20:22 – Declining standard of living
30:48 – The end of the supercycle
35:14 – Inflation hedges
38:00 – David Hunter

David Hunter is Chief Macro Strategist at Contrarian Macro Advisors. He is an investment professional with 25 years of investment management experience and 20 years as a sell-side strategist with strong expertise in macroeconomic analysis and portfolio management.

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