Simon Hunt: Will the Dollar or Bond Market Be Sacrificed First in the Next Crisis?

Palisades Gold Radio, Released on 4/11/24

0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – The World & War
5:38 – Equity Complacency
7:02 – Russia & Syria
9:17 – Economic Catalysts
14:32 – Serious Correction
18:18 – Leveraged Bank System
19:24 – Capital Shifts & China
22:57 – Gold Backed Currency
29:26 – Dollar & Rates
30:53 – Chinese Demographics
33:50 – China’s Manufacturing
37:40 – Nuclear Energy
39:31 – China Debt
42:32 – Chasing Rainbows
44:30 – Europe In Recession
48:15 – Inflation Issues
52:25 – Expect More Unknowns
53:35 – Wrap Up

Simon Hunt founded Simon Hunt Strategic Services in 1996. The focus of the company’s work is to provide strategic advice including geopolitical and financial developments as well as structural and tactical changes within China in order to produce a balance outlook for the supply of and demand for copper. Increasingly the work involves understanding the shifts taking place in the balance of global power including how BRICS+ will change the dynamics of the world and how these changes will impact the copper industry. Simon is also the author of the ‘Frontline China Report Service marketed by the TIS GROUP. He is also on the Board of Directors the Great Eastern Gold Company in Australia and Copperman in Chile. Follow Simon at his website

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