Simon Hunt: BRICS, War, Gold and a Reset of the Monetary System

Natural Resource Stocks, Released on 5/17/24

The conversation also examines the shift from a unipolar world dominated by the US to a multipolar one led by BRICS nations seeking negotiation over force. The potential for direct conflict between NATO (led by the US) and Russia, supported by China and other BRICS countries, is highlighted, along with the strategic positioning of military assets around Russia. The dialogue covers the delicate situation in the Middle East, particularly the tensions involving Iran, and the broader impact on global economic stability, including the possibility of recession, inflation, and the strategic role of gold within the BRICS nations. It addresses the systemic risks to the US dollar and financial markets, foreseeing significant geopolitical changes that could reshape the international order.

Simon Hunt founded Simon Hunt Strategic Services in 1996. The focus of the company’s work is to provide strategic advice including geopolitical and financial developments as well as structural and tactical changes within China in order to produce a balance outlook for the supply of and demand for copper. Increasingly the work involves understanding the shifts taking place in the balance of global power including how BRICS+ will change the dynamics of the world and how these changes will impact the copper industry. Simon is also the author of the ‘Frontline China Report Service marketed by the TIS GROUP. He is also on the Board of Directors the Great Eastern Gold Company in Australia and Copperman in Chile. Follow Simon at his website

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