Rick Rule on the Banking Crisis, Gold, and the Future of the US Dollar

The Deep Dive, Released on 4/13/23

Today on the Daily Dive, we welcome back Rick Rule, President & CEO of Rule Investment Media. Rick joins us today to share his insights on the banking crisis, the Trudeau Foundation scandal, the future of the US dollar, and the central bank gold rush. We also talk about the gold price and Rick’s preferred exposure to the precious metal, and the commodity with the most potential this year.

00:00 Introduction
00:22 Is the banking crisis over?
02:32 What depositors should look at
06:37 Trudeau Foundation scandal
09:18 The real enemy of the US currency
12:06 Will we see a new global currency soon?
13:46 Continuous buying of gold by central banks
16:11 The $2000 price level for gold
17:04 Preferred exposure to the gold market
20:15 Are we going to see an all-time high in gold this year?
21:03 Which commodity has the most potential this year?

Rick Rule, founder and chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., began his career in the securities business in 1974. He is a leading American retail broker specializing in mining, energy, water utilities, forest products and agriculture. His company has built a national reputation on taking advantage of global opportunities in the oil and gas, mining, alternative energy, agriculture, forestry and water industries. He is also the founder of Rule Investment Media.

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