Rick Rule: Dollar Distrust Leading To Gold Buying By Central Banks

Liberty and Finance, Released on 3/17/24 (Recorded on 3/13/24)

Fears of the BRICS currency eclipsing the use of US dollars anytime soon are overblown, says Rick Rule, legendary investor and CEO of Rule Investment Media. However, foreign central banks are buying massive amounts of gold because of their distrust of the US dollar and other currencies. This central bank buying has been the main driver for the recent rise in gold prices.

0:00 Intro
1:30 Debts & deficits
5:23 Social Security
12:50 Dedollarization
16:55 CBDCs
19:20 Free speech
22:33 Gold & silver stocks
24:12 Gold manipulation?
28:59 Gold confiscation?
30:51 Nuclear fuel
33:00 Water
34:56 Bootcamp & conference
42:00 Rick Rule’s offers
43:51 Weekly specials

Rick Rule, founder and chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., began his career in the securities business in 1974. He is a leading American retail broker specializing in mining, energy, water utilities, forest products and agriculture. His company has built a national reputation on taking advantage of global opportunities in the oil and gas, mining, alternative energy, agriculture, forestry and water industries. He is also the founder of Rule Investment Media.

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