‘Quiet Revolution’ of Gold & Silver Buying Underway Worldwide: Lynette Zang

Commodity Culture, Released on 6/19/24

Lynette Zang sees the irreparably corrupt government institutions and their debt-based system headed towards destruction and she believes more people are waking up to the power of gold and silver as sound money. A quiet revolution is underway around the world as citizens start to accumulate precious metals as a way to protect their savings from the parasitic political class and Lynette thinks the time to act is now when it comes to measuring your wealth in real money.

00:00 Introduction
01:33 Younger Generation Catching On
03:19 China’s Gold Revolution
05:58 Rise of China and BRICS
12:15 Using War as Cover for Debt
16:15 Shift to Right Wing Parties
21:39 When Will the Masses Wake Up?
28:39 All in on Gold and Silver
37:52 Could a Fiat Collapse Takes Decades?

Lynette Zang is the CEO of Zang Enterprises. She has been in the markets on some level since 1964. Her mission is to convert financial noise into understandable language. She has been a banker, a stock broker and studied world currencies since 1987. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community in order to survive and thrive through the hyperinflation she sees in the near future. Her work can be found on her YouTube channel. She previously held the position of Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading from 2002 t0 2024

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