Pro Gold Stock Investor David Erfle Goes All In: ‘I’m Pretty Confident We’ve Seen a Major Bottom’, Released on 12/5/22

In this interview pro gold stock investor David Erfle provides his commentary on recent gold price action, gold stocks and how he is managing his portfolio. He shares that he has recently gone from cash to full positioning in his portfolio stating: “I’m pretty confident we’ve seen a major bottom in this sector.”

David Erfle is a self-taught mining sector investor. He stumbled upon the mining space in 2003 as he was looking to invest into a growing sector of the market. After researching the gains made from the 2001 bottom in the tiny gold and silver complex, he became fascinated with this niche market. So much so that in 2005 he decided to sell his home and invest the entire proceeds from the sale into junior mining companies. When his account had tripled by September, 2007, he decided to quit his job as the Telecommunications Equipment Buyer at UCLA and make investing in this sector his full-time job. David founded the Junior Miner Junky subscription-based newsletter in April, 2017 and writes a weekly column for precious metals news service

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