Peter Grandich: US Political Chaos & Emergence Of BRICS Currency

Liberty and Finance, Released on 7/1/24

The BRICS nations will likely this fall make movements towards a joint currency, possibly tied to gold, says Peter Grandich. Gold has surged higher this year and stayed near all-time highs. The emergence of a BRICS currencies tied to gold is one of the reasons for gold’s sustained rally, he believes. Amid political and financial chaos in the U.S., it’s time to build a financial ark. And he says owning hard assets like gold and silver offers the best protection.

0:00 Intro
1:52 Political chaos
10:30 BRICS currency
15:50 Gold market update
25:00 Building an ark
30:05 Peter Grandich & Co.

Peter Grandich & Company specializes in retirement, business and estate planning, that operates with the slogan that they “enable common people to attain uncommon results.” The company was formed by Peter following decades of experience in the markets, having served in roles that include Chief Market Strategist, Portfolio Manager, and Head of Investment Strategy among others. Peter’s website –

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