Peter Grandich: Gold’s Path to $2536

Goldseek, Released on 5/8/24

With gold holding near $2,330, Peter Grandich, legendary Wall Street analyst, reviews the junior mining index with exciting news for investors.

– Peter reviews the market charts in real-time.
– Our guest reviews the official BLS inflation and unemployment figures.
– Inflation could remain stubborn for years to come.
– Peter outlines a case for a much higher gold price, $2536.
– Might gold soar to $3,000+?
– A review of the long-term technical vantage point on gold.
– He makes a compelling case for gold mining juniors to rally sharply.
– The GDJX is below the 10-year average and appears primed for at least a 4x rally.
– Peter notes his largest personal holdings include gold mining juniors.

Peter Grandich & Company specializes in retirement, business and estate planning, that operates with the slogan that they “enable common people to attain uncommon results.” The company was formed by Peter following decades of experience in the markets, having served in roles that include Chief Market Strategist, Portfolio Manager, and Head of Investment Strategy among others.

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