People Are Using the Wrong Economic Data, It’s Worse Than it Looks: Jeff Snider

The Jay Martin Show, Released on 6/3/23

Jeff Snider of Eurodollar University thinks analysts and investors are using the wrong data points when it comes to forecasting the economy and financial markets, and the data we should be looking at paints a very dire picture of the future.

00:00 Introduction
01:27 Economy Has Run Off a Cliff
04:17 Comparisons to 2008
06:54 Data to Focus On
09:50 Market Curves
14:40 Deflationary Environment
17:45 Reopening of China
21:39 Oil Forecast
24:36 Signs of a Recession
27:57 Banking Crisis
35:21 Debt Ceiling Distraction
39:53 Central Bank Gold Reserves
41:13 Gold and Deflation
44:12 Moving Away From USD
47:50 Alternative Currency
51:06 Systemic Issues in China
53:55 Capital Flows in Inflation

Jeff Snider is head of global investment research for Alhambra Investment Partners, a registered investment advisory based in Palmetto Bay, Florida. As Head of Global Investment Research for Alhambra Investment Partners, Jeff spearheads the investment research efforts while providing close contact to Alhambra’s client base. Jeff is published nationally at RealClearMarkets, ZeroHedge, Minyanville and Yahoo!Finance. Jeff holds a FINRA Series 65 Investment Advisor License.

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Igby MacDavitt

So what happens when the economy moves from the financial investments to the production side to create real wealth?